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Makeup… The Adult Equivalent of a Lisa Frank Binder

Ladies, remember how you loved Care Bears and Lisa Frank and gel pens when you were a kid? Oh, you still do? Well, me too, honestly. I still get excited over school supplies and even the smell of Play-Dough. However, I also get the same joy over makeup and shoes and sundresses now. So I… Continue reading Makeup… The Adult Equivalent of a Lisa Frank Binder

Valentine’s Day Week Posts

So I had great ideas for posts this week. On Monday (Valentine’s Day), I was going to write about relationships. Then on Wednesday, I was going to write about how to deal with loneliness. The problem is… I have no idea what to write about!!! I have no idea what I want to write about… Continue reading Valentine’s Day Week Posts

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Happy Valentine’s Day to you all! I hope you have a wonderful one. I know I will. My Valentine is the absolute best — my cat, Penny Lane! She’ll give me a ton of cuddles and kisses. And remember, if you’re in Texas, today is the first day for early voting! It will go on… Continue reading Happy Valentine’s Day!

How to Get Out of Debt

So many people have debt. According to the latest report in 2020, US Consumer Debt reached $4.21 trillion. Whether it’s student loans, car payments, a mortgage, or credit card debt, you’re not alone. Unfortunately, so many people feel shame about their debts. So the first thing I want to say is — don’t feel ashamed.… Continue reading How to Get Out of Debt

How to Budget as an Adult

I know, I know. This topic sounds thrilling. But as adults, we need a budget to get by. You may say that living with a budget is challenging. You’re dead wrong. Living without a budget is challenging. Having a budget doesn’t restrict you; it empowers you. Decide what you realistically want from budgeting. Imagine your life five… Continue reading How to Budget as an Adult

Wardrobe Essentials for Men

Just like all women need certain items in their wardrobe, men do as well, and these are a few of them. I tended to choose the most colorful items simply because I love men in color. Honestly, if I could make every man look like a Southern prep, I would, but since that’s not everybody’s… Continue reading Wardrobe Essentials for Men

Wardrobe Essentials for Women

There are certain things every woman needs in her wardrobe. These are some of them. Every female needs these items! I tended to choose black instead of colors because it’s more basic, but I recommend getting more colorful clothes in colors that suit your skin tone. Black is wonderful, but everyone needs colors! Let’s get… Continue reading Wardrobe Essentials for Women

101 Things Every Adult Needs to Know

How to change a tire How to jumpstart your car How to open a bottle of champagne (Hint: Twist the bottle, not the cork!) Do your taxes — even if it is with TurboTax or something similar! Make a schedule and to-do list — and stick with it! Time management is so important! Start a savings account… Continue reading 101 Things Every Adult Needs to Know

Dating App Debacles, Part 1

I’m sitting here with a whiskey and diet in my hand. I don’t need to be laid back to write in this blog, but I want to be calm and collected for what I’m doing next. Did I say calm and collected? I really meant that I just don’t want to be disgruntled and exasperated,… Continue reading Dating App Debacles, Part 1

Become a Patron!

Become a Patron for Inadequate Adulting! I’m including bonus content, exclusive posts and updates, polls, text posts, patron recognition, live chat, direct one-on-one connection, videos, and my favorite YouTube videos about how to adequately adult! The tiers are $1, $5, and, $10 and I highly encourage you to sign up for one! If you appreciate… Continue reading Become a Patron!


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