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Makeup… The Adult Equivalent of a Lisa Frank Binder


Ladies, remember how you loved Care Bears and Lisa Frank and gel pens when you were a kid? Oh, you still do? Well, me too, honestly. I still get excited over school supplies and even the smell of Play-Dough. However, I also get the same joy over makeup and shoes and sundresses now. So I figured I’d share some of my favorite makeup products with you since we’re all going to have different tastes in shoes and clothes. (And you don’t need to see pictures of my 150+ pairs of shoes and 100+ Lilly Pulitzer sundresses/skirts/skorts/shorts/shirts/etc. because it would bore you to death.)

But I do understand that not everybody gets excited over makeup like I do. Still, it’s an essential part of being an adult. You do need makeup in certain situations. Period.

I won’t teach you how to apply makeup because there are tutorials on YouTube that can guide you far better than I ever could. I’m not a professional at applying makeup. I just do my own thing. If I have a specific tip, I’ll share it, but, in general, I’m just here to share my favorite makeup products!

I’ve shared my favorite skincare products with you here and here, and I still stand by all of my recommendations. So after I’m finished putting on my toner and moisturizer, I start with my makeup!

So those are my favorite makeup items. I listed them here and provided links because I highly recommend each of them. 

Do you really need makeup? Like, do you really need a full face of makeup? Sadly, yes. If you’re going to work or a job interview, you need a full face of makeup. If you’re going on a date, you need makeup — how much you want to wear is up to you, though.

You don’t makeup to run errands, and please don’t wear a full face of makeup to the gym, but if you want to look like a professional adult, yes, you need these things. You may not need these brands, but you need these items.

And don’t forget makeup brushes and sponges. Please don’t apply your makeup with the applicators that come with it. Brushes are worth the cost to look much better.

As for applying it, there are millions of videos on YouTube on how to do so. I’d teach you myself, but I’m certainly no professional. I’ve just learned by experience. But if you don’t have experience using makeup, please take advantage of these videos. 

I know not everybody loves makeup like I do. And that’s okay. You don’t have to wear it all of the time. But you do have to get comfortable with wearing it in certain places. And one tip — if you don’t often wear makeup, see if you can get a travel-sized item!

And if you do love makeup like I do, share what you love below! I’d love to hear about some great items I’m missing out on!

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