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Wardrobe Essentials for Women


There are certain things every woman needs in her wardrobe. These are some of them. Every female needs these items! I tended to choose black instead of colors because it’s more basic, but I recommend getting more colorful clothes in colors that suit your skin tone. Black is wonderful, but everyone needs colors! Let’s get started!

A little black dress! It doesn’t have to look like this — get one to suit your personality. But every woman needs a little black dress in her wardrobe!
A wrap dress! You can get this in multiple colors, including black, which is always a classic, but this is a color you can wear all year long. It would look so cute with red heels and a red purse!
A colorful dress! This one happens to be for summer, but you need some colorful dresses for winter as well! Wearing black all of the time is so boring!
Some black heels that are appropriate for work! These are classic and will look good with everything
A pair of brown heels that are appropriate for work. These heels are low enough to be appropriate and are super cute.
Nude heels! Nude heels go with everything! You definitely need a pair of these in your life!
A pair of heels to go out on the town in! These are great — 4″ heels and patent black. I actually own these myself, and they’re surprisingly comfortable. I also recommend a pair of black sandal heels, whether the heels are chunky or thin, short or tall.
A pair of black and brown flats! These are well-made and also super cute!
You can’t live without black knee-high boots. Don’t get me wrong — I love over-the-knee boots as well, but they’re not a necessity. But you’ll find yourself wearing knee-high boots all of the time!
What you may wear even more often than black heeled boots are brown/tan riding boots. These are a must for fall and winter!
You may wonder why I’m suggesting underwear. These thongs have no panty lines and because they’re lace, aren’t tight on top and dig into you, giving you muffin-top (even if you’re not fat at all!) Just please don’t wear them with short skirts or dresses!.
I think a strapless bra goes without saying. This one is great because it’s also backless! You can wear it with some wonderful summer dresses.
Black tights! They go with dresses and skirts in the winter. They’re always important!
The most basic necessity of all may be a pair of great jeans. I personally love Levi’s because they look great on everybody. These are stretchy, and you pull them on like leggings — they don’t have a button. They’re super flattering! You don’t need to spend hundreds of dollars on jeans to look great — I recommend any Levi’s jeans. They always make your butt look great!
These are simple, but often necessary — black and white camisoles. They’re easy to overlook in your wardrobe, but I find myself needing them often.
A white button-down shirt. It’s classic and goes with ANYTHING!
My favorite staple in my wardrobe is my striped pink and white Ralph Lauren oxford. I have several Ralph Lauren oxfords in several colors, but I always find myself coming back to this one. Pink and white may not be for you, but a colored oxford is always a good idea.
A crewneck sweater is so important. I showed the black one, which is classic, but I’d personally choose a colorful one. Actually, I’d personally choose an argyle one, but that’s not for everybody!
A black cardigan will ALWAYS come in handy!
Polo shirts are classic for a reason. You can wear them with anything. I recommend getting several in multiple colors — don’t be afraid to go as colorful as you can! (They don’t have to be name brand!)
My daily jewelry. Pearls go with absolutely everything. You can wear them daily. And they don’t have to be expensive!
For those of you who aren’t into pearls, a cubic zirconia necklace and cubic zirconia earrings may be a better fit. They’re also classics that you can’t go wrong with!
Black and brown purses that are big enough to hold everything are always important. These may not be for you, but I love the bows. Luckily, if you don’t like these, black and brown purses are incredibly easy to find!
A small black purse to use when you go out. Pair it with those patent stilettos and a hot dress or jeans and a cute top and you’ll be good to go!
I’m not much of a belt girl, but these are so cute, that I’ve made an exception! You need a belt in both black and brown to match your various clothes!
Summer sundresses! At least one white and at least one maxi! My favorite sundresses are Lilly Pulitzer, but they aren’t for everybody! (I also can’t afford them, so I buy them all used!)
Summer sandals are necessary to go with your summer dresses!
You also need a summer purse to go with your summer dresses. It doesn’t have to be one like this, but this is one example of something you can carry.

So there we go, ladies. I could go on for a few more hours, but these are just the absolute basics that we need in our wardrobe. Obviously, it’s too expensive to buy them all at once, but you can obtain them over several seasons. They also don’t have to be name brand!

If you have any other suggestions of wardrobe basics that I left out, just leave a comment!

On Friday… find out the wardrobe essentials for men!

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